Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh Disappointment, Why Do You Stalk Me So?

So I received the paper for my invitations (yes, I'm 13 months out and already starting on them!), and much to my dismay, the vellum I ordered was NOT what I thought it would be. How disappointing! I wanted something that was a milky white -- just the normal vellum. What I ordered looked like it fit this description on the website, but alas, when it came, it was milky white... with sparkly speckles in it! Maybe if I was getting married in the winter, I could get away with this. Snow flakes, you know? Too bad I'm NOT having a winter wedding, and I don't think I could get away with acting like it's mimicking ice in October.

So I'm now at a standstill with my invitation making, which is very disappointing. I was so excited when I saw two boxes sitting on my doorstep on Tuesday! I even tried a test invite out to see if I could get away with using the paper that came. Maybe it wouldn't be that noticeable? Ha! I was to the point of just saying screw it and starting on them anyway, but I'm glad it was getting late and very close to bedtime. It forced me to stop and think about it more the next day, which is when I concluded that if I'm putting all the time and effort into these (and believe me, they will be very labor-intensive but oh-so worth it), I want them to look not just good, but great -- I want them to be exactly how I invisioned and nothing less. So... it looks like I'm making a trip to Hobby Lobby this weekend (because I refuse to pay $7 for 10 sheets at Michaels just because MS's name is slapped on them!).

Any of you run into similar problems like this? Maybe you started on a project, and it just wasn't turning out as you thought, or you ordered something that just didn't match what you had in your mind as looking?

Hopefully I'll have better news next time!
Miss Forget-Me-Knot

Monday, September 13, 2010

Martha, Martha, Martha(

Oh, how you make my life difficult! What's that, you say? How can your easy-to-navigate site loaded with lots of wedding goodies give me trouble? That's precisely why -- you have too many goodies! How can I possibly choose one cake when I love ten? A handful of decorations when I love a barrel full? Three centerpieces when I love twenty?

Oh, wait. What? THREE centerpieces, you say?! Why, yes, I think I shall... Someone posted a question regarding what centerpieces we all were using on's app (yes, I'm an iPhone lover). Immediately I decided that this would be the topic of my blog today.

I'm a person who likes things that keep my attention. Varying color. Differing size. Mixed and matched patterns. So how can I take all of these lovely, different centerpieces and make them congruent? Well, let's find one common denominator. Aha! Candles! I have had a long-standing relationship with candles throughout the years. Scents. Sizes. Holders. Love, love, love. So it only makes sense that I carry that love into my reception decor. for cheap. Enter Dollar Tree.

As I've mentioned to a few of you, I'm definetly a bride on a budget. However, this doesn't mean I'm going to sacrifice style or taste. It just means I'm going to have to get creative. Good thing that's my second name! After Googling "Candle Centerpieces" and "Flowerless Centerpieces," I headed to The Dollar Tree armed with lots of ideas and a little bit of money. I searched the entire store -- seasonal, kitchenware (you'd be surprised at how many dishes and glasses they have!), floral, home goods. What I left with was a medium-sized clear plastic bowl, three 11" tall glass single-stem flower vases, some Spanish moss, and a Snickers.

45 minutes and a half-eaten candy bar later (this was pre-"wedding way of life"), and I have a centerpiece! I threw in some tulle, LED tealights, votive holders, water, and wax candles -- all left over from my sister's wedding (congrats Alicia and Andrew! 9/4/10) -- and I had created one of 25 (or so) table decorations for approximately $6. Not bad, eh? The next day I returned to DT and bought 27 vases, 10 plastic bowls, and 5 bags of moss. The checkout lady loved me.

So my question of the day: does anyone care to divulge how you came about deciding upon your centerpieces or other table decor?

Until next time,
Miss Forget-Me-Knot

Sunday, September 12, 2010

And the Wedding "Way of Life" Starts... Tomorrow

We've all said it: "My diet starts tomorrow."

Fast forward three months, and you're still waiting for "tomorrow" to come. Well, like it or not, my three months are up. My tomorrow DOES start tomorrow... anyone willing to help? I've always read that two poeple are better than one, and three people are better than two. I need a wedding diet buddy (or ten)!

My first plan of action: stop thinking of "diet" as having a negetive connotation. I once heard that what you eat every day is a diet, regardless if it consists of veggies and baked chicken or KFC cole slaw and fried chicken (yum!). So, for all intensive purposes, I will be referring to my wedding "diet" as my wedding "way of life" henceforth.

Second plan of action: getting my butt back to the gym! 5am wake-up call, anyone? While I'm not looking forward to this (come on, who would?!), I know it's the only way I'll work out. By the time 4:30pm rolls around, not only am I d-u-n done, I'm ready to unwind -- with a little bit of wedding planning!

Third, and final, plan of action: quit eating crappy food (my "last meal" today? The pulled pork sammich from 54th Street Grill -- amazing!). I've stocked up on veggies and eggs (yeahhh protein!), fruit for my dessert (I'm a sugar fiend, so this is going to be diff-i-cult), and lots of sugar free drink mix.

So now I just need someone to hold me accountable for all my plans of action. I'm willing to invest the time of "reporting" my habits to someone and give motivation to said person if another is willing to return the favor (or the loathing, as it were). Anyone want to be my "way of life" buddy?

Wish me luck (and I'll do likewise)!
Miss Forget-Me-Knot


Why hello there! I know there are a million and one blogs out there about any and all things wedding-related... so what's one more?!

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